6 Dental Procedures to Repair a Broken or Cracked Tooth

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Sometimes accidents happen while we chew our food, that may cause trauma to your teeth. Perhaps there was a small bone or an olive pit in your food that went undetected, and you bit down on it. Maybe you tried tearing open a plastic bag with your teeth and chipped one. No matter how it happened, you now need some form of dental broken tooth repair.

Tooth Structures

dental broken tooth

The type of treatment you receive depends on the extent of the damage. Breaks in the teeth can affect the dental structures in varying degrees. The structures of the teeth are

  • Enamel- The crown of the tooth. It is the visible part when your mouth is open.
  • Cementum- The part of the tooth that is just below the gingiva.
  • Dentin- The layer that is covered by the enamel and cementum.
  • Pulp- It can be found on the very inside of the tooth. It carries all the nerves and vessels.

tooth diagram

Six Types of Tooth Repair

Individual cases require individual approaches. Here are some of the different ways the dentist may handle a dental broken tooth repair.

  • Dental Bonding

This is the simplest way to restore a chipped tooth, as long as the break is in the enamel. Dental bonding is a procedure, where a durable resin (plastic) is bonded to the tooth. This process is aided by a special light. The material is the same color as the tooth, so smiles are restored back to their original.

  • Dental Crowns

If the fracture descends into the cementum and dentin below the level of the gingiva, additional pressure may cause the break to become bigger. This can be prevented by placing a dental crown on the tooth. There are many materials the crown can be made of (ceramic, plastic, and others), but they match the patient’s teeth.

  • Root Canals

In some cases, the break can run through the enamel and dentin, or cementum and dentin. Once it affects the pulp, there is a possibility of an infection. Infected pulp normally requires a root canal. This procedure involves cleaning of the tooth’s canals and filling them up so the bacteria can’t infect them again.

  • Extraction

There are some cases, where repairing the tooth is risky for the patient or even impossible. Unfortunately, these instances require extraction of the tooth. No need to worry, there are other procedures that can be applied to restore the missing tooth.

  • Bridges

When a tooth is missing, a bridge can be cemented onto the neighboring teeth and an artificial one “hangs” above the gingiva of the extracted one. They are also made of different materials, but they do match the patient’s anatomy and tooth color. Bridges are similar to crowns.

  • Implants

Having fewer teeth is detrimental not only to your psychological but also your physical health. This is why choosing to go with a dental implant is becoming more popular among patients. It restores the way you look, as well as a healthy and functional dentition.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of the exact diagnosis and treatment for your broken tooth, putting it off will only make things worse. Complications like bigger breaks, infections, and pain can make this experience unpleasant.

Ultimately, getting a dental broken tooth repair in Northville, MI at Owens Cosmetic and Family Dentistry is usually the best solution!

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