Metal Free Dentistry

Restorative Dental Care the Metal-Free Way
For the most part, the use of metal in dentistry is a thing of the past. Instead, natural-looking composite tooth fillings and translucent ceramic crowns are used to give patients a whiter, healthier smile. Scott J Owens DDS Cosmetic & Family Dentistry is a metal-free practice that strives to enhance the smiles of Farmington Hills, MI residents.

Metal Filling/Crown Removal
For many people, the aesthetics of their smile impacts their confidence in public – either positively or negatively. Nowadays, metal fillings are fairly uncommon because they don’t blend seamlessly into patients’ smiles. In an attempt to better meet our patients’ goals, we take a metal-free dentistry approach. We gladly remove metal fillings for Farmington Hills patients, and replace them with tooth-colored, aesthetically pleasing cosmetic fillings.

Composite Tooth Fillings
Cavity prevention is one of the most important reasons to keep up on routine dentist appointments. Once plaque and bacteria have destroyed a tooth’s enamel, it’s easy for cavities to form – causing a slow breakdown of the tooth itself. Composite fillings stop cavities in their tracks and preserve the integrity of the tooth’s structure. Unlike metal fillings, composite tooth fillings don’t stand out, and are practically invisible once applied.

Ceramic Crowns
Our metal-free dental care options also include all-ceramic porcelain crowns. In comparison to ceramic crowns, metal crowns don’t offer the same levels of aesthetic appeal and protection. Metal-based crowns erode over time – leaving unsightly lines on patients’ gum lines. Ceramic crowns are indistinguishable from patients’ natural teeth. Additionally, the layers of ceramic used to make crowns actually strengthen patients’ bites, while noticeably enhancing their smiles.

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