How Cosmetic Dental Bonding Can Alter the Look of Your Teeth

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Most of our opinions about other people are based on first impressions. One of the first things others notice about us is our smile. Upon seeing this one very important attribute, our friends and acquaintances may form deep and lasting perceptions about us. It is no surprise that we are so conscious of our teeth.

Not everyone has a perfect smile. In some cases, your teeth may have been affected by some trauma sustained during an accident causing fractured teeth. Others may have inherited unfavorable genes and ended up with esthetically unsatisfying dentition. When teeth are too short, too narrow, broken, or misshaped, a procedure called cosmetic dental bonding may be the best solution.

Dental Bonding

What is dental bonding?

This procedure is mostly a cosmetic one, which involves using a dental resin (composite) to restore or reshape existing dental structures. The colors can be chosen to match the teeth of the recipient. The material is at first softer and easier to manipulate and later hardens. As it becomes harder, this material actually bonds to the tooth’s surface. Mostly used for cosmetic improvements, it can become clear why this procedure is called cosmetic dental bonding.

The process of dental bonding

After an examination and proper diagnosis by the dentist, the process begins. The first step is choosing the right color. This is done by putting a shade guide next to the patient’s teeth, preferably in natural sunlight. Once the color has been chosen, the dentist proceeds to estimate the size and borders of the preparation area.

The surface which will be undergoing the procedure is roughed up using a turbine and an abrasive diamond burr. Throughout this step, the tooth is cooled off with a stream of water coming from the turbine handpiece. An application of conditioning gel is then applied to the surface. This gel’s main ingredient is normally orthophosphoric acid. These steps are important, as they provide a better and bigger surface for the composite to adhere to.

Next is the application of the resin to the prepared surfaces. Before this is done, the tooth and surrounding area must be as dry as possible. If it is not, the bonding will be compromised. Out of the package, the composite is soft and easily manipulated into the shape wanted by the dentist. After careful shaping with a special instrument, the composite is ready to be hardened (polymerized). This is done with a special dental curing light.

In order to complete the process and make the restoration resemble the rest of your teeth, some final shaping and polishing are necessary. This can be done with diamond burrs, brushes, discs, and others.

Cosmetic Dental Bonding

When fully completed, these procedures do a great job of repairing and restoring lost or damaged tooth tissues. The color of the material can be matched perfectly to the existing teeth. After some work with the finishing burrs and brushes, it can be very difficult for the naked eye to see that this has been achieved by cosmetic dental bonding.

Everyone wants a perfect smile. Whether it is to project happiness outwardly or be satisfied on the inside, our teeth are a very important link between physical and mental happiness. Suffering through trauma or just inheriting tooth defects can hinder this state of happiness. An easy and inexpensive solution may very well be cosmetic dental bonding in Northville, MI at the offices of Dr. Scott Owens, Owens Cosmetic and Family Dentistry.

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