Why Dental Fluoride Is Effective at Any Age

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Dental Fluoride

If you’re looking for strong and healthy teeth, have you considered adding fluoride or a fluoride-based treatment to your dental regime? While commonly associated with infant dental care, fluoride is, in fact, effective regardless of your age.

If you’re looking for dental fluoride in Farmington Hills, here is everything you need to know about fluoride treatments for healthy teeth.

What is fluoride?

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral which appears in some common foods and drinks we consume.
When consumed in suitable quantities, fluoride can help maintain good oral health and prevent tooth decay.

This is why most dentists recommend children have fluoride-based treatments to prevent any serious issues with their newly grown and sensitive teeth.

The benefits of fluoride for all ages

While many dental patients believe fluoride treatments are just for the little ones, they couldn’t be more wrong. While fluoride is essential during the initial tooth growth stage, it continues to be important into adulthood.

Adult dental patients experience significant improvements with regular fluoride treatments including:

  • Reduced sensitivity

Many adults report experiencing sensitive teeth as they age. Regular fluoride treatments are the perfect way to reduce sensitivity, as it provides teeth with a special coating that stops your delicate surfaces from being directly exposed to hot and cold temperatures.

  • Reduction of decay

Most people love fluoride as part of their preemptive care because it prevents tooth decay, meaning less painful and expensive dental work in the future.

Fluoride gives your natural tooth enamel a boost, which stops harmful bacteria from making direct contact with your teeth, reducing the chances your teeth will rot in the first place.

  • Protecting dental work

Regardless of the dental work you’ve had done, it’s often the case that this work attracts and collects bacteria that is hard to clean. Fluoride coats every surface of the tooth, so even the hardest to reach places get an extra helping hand in the fight against acids, plaque, and tartar.

Protecting dental work

  • Boosts tooth enamel

Tooth enamel is very important, but over time it can wear out. Whether you brush too hard, use harsh tooth whitening products, or have an issue which means your enamel wears away, it’s worth it to protect what you have left and encourage it to regenerate with a healthy coating of fluoride.

  • Combats dry mouth

Dry mouth affects many adults, especially snorers or those with unrelated breathing or health issues, such as medication requirements which leave you feeling thirsty.

Fluoride leaves a coating so strong, that it withstands any dry mouth situation, giving you peace of mind that although your mouth is dry, your teeth are still fine.

  • Creating a whiter smile

Fluoride increases your tooth health across the board, so it is no surprise to hear fluoride users regularly report that their teeth are visibly whiter. Dull yellow teeth are caused by a lack of enamel and teeth that cling to food and drinks.

Fluoride’s convenient barrier helps keep teeth looking more youthful as it deflects stain causing snacks and beverages, leaving you feeling great.

A healthy preventative treatment

When you think about it, there is nothing better than a healthy preventative which reduces the chances of dental issues further down the road.

Don’t feel shy when it comes to dental health fluoride – speak up at your next dental appointment to discover how the addition of extra fluoride can help you achieve a healthier mouth.

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