crown vs veneers

Crown vs. Veneers: Which Option Is Right for You?

Emily Harrison Crowns

If you’re considering ways to restore your teeth and enhance your smile, then you have two great options with crowns and veneers. Both alternatives are popular, and h can achieve great results. Although both treatments will improve the appearance of your smile, there are some key differences between them which means it is important to choose the right option for …

5 Dental Procedures to Repair or Replace a Cracked or Broken Tooth

Theresa Porter Dental Services

Teeth cracks and breaks represent a significant number of dental visits. The treatment you require depends on various factors, such as the degree of the crack and the location of the tooth, the tooth’s specific history of treatment, and the presence of decay and infection. Most dental cracks and chips are superficial and easily remedied, but serious fractures and breaks …

Benefits of Metal Free Dentistry

Theresa Porter Metal Free Dentistry

In the not so distant past, it was customary that any dental procedure included metals, which is neither aesthetically pleasing nor a healthy option. Luckily, the dental industry has advanced in strides over the previous decades meaning any procedures you choose are likely to go unnoticed to those around you. What is dental metal? Dental metal, known as amalgam, has …

Oral Health

The Ultimate Guide to Great Oral Health for Your Family

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Keeping your family’s teeth and gums in tip-top condition is important. Problems with teeth can be painful, unsightly and expensive to fix. So, why not keep your family on track for healthy teeth and gums by following our ultimate guide to oral health. Brushing We all know that brushing our teeth is important, but a surprising number of people don’t …

Mouth Reveals About Your Health

What Your Mouth Reveals About Your Health

Emily Harrison General Dentistry

It may surprise you to find out that the state of your mouth can have an impact on your overall health. By looking at the condition of your teeth and gums, it is possible to evaluate your risk factors for a range of other diseases. This is because your mouth is the gateway to the rest of your body, which …

The Truth Behind Receding Gums

Theresa Porter Excessive/Uneven Gums

Our gums recede naturally as we age. Most older people have some degree of gum recession, but there are a few factors that can speed up the receding process or cause it to start too soon. If your gums are receding, it means the tissue surrounding your teeth is shrinking. Gum tissue pulls back or starts to wear away in …