Cosmetic Dental Bonding

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Countless scientific studies have proven the power of a smile, both to improve our mood and the mood of those around us. A warm smile is also a sign of self-assurance and makes people feel instantly welcome. But many of us are self-conscious of our teeth, even with the slightest of aesthetic imperfections, and so we hide our smiles. Cosmetic dental bonding, however, can provide a quick and lasting fix to countless dental issues, from covering up a stain to covering over an exposed root.

Cosmetic Dental Bonding

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What is Cosmetic Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding closes off or covers up imperfection in teeth with a resin that matches the patient’s teeth color. The bonding material, which usually lasts up to ten years, is applied by your dentist and is a cosmetic solution to repairing stains, chips or cracks, particularly to the front teeth. The bonding procedure can take up to an hour.

During a bonding procedure, your dentist will roughen up the area on the tooth to be bonded, then he or she will apply a bonding resin to the tooth shaping it to appear like your natural tooth. A special light helps bond the resin to the tooth. Your dentist will offer a local anesthetic for any discomfort.

Cosmetic Dental Bonding

When is Cosmetic Dental Bonding Used?

Cosmetic dental bonding is an excellent solution for relatively minor issues, both from everyday wear and tear and dental trauma, and your dentist can inform you whether you’re a good candidate. Dental bonding can be used to change a tooth’s shape, to cover up unsightly stains, to protect a root that’s become exposed, to make a tooth uniform in size to adjacent teeth, to fill a cavity in a front tooth, to close gaps between teeth, and to fill chips and cracks.

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