Dental Bridge

What Are the Benefits of a Dental Bridge?

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Losing a tooth can impact not just your smile but also your oral health. Dealing with gaps in your smile can affect everyday activities like eating and speaking. A dental bridge is an excellent solution to address missing teeth by filling the gap with a prosthetic tooth that looks and functions like a natural tooth. At Owens Cosmetic and Family …

Restore Your Smile with Porcelain Bridges

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In Cosmetic Dentistry porcelain bridges are typically considered a work of art. Made to look exactly like the real thing, and function just as well, a porcelain bridge is designed to turn the issue of a missing tooth into a beautiful incisor, canine, molar or premolar collection. How Porcelain Bridges Work The essential basis of a porcelain bridge in dentistry …

Dental Bridges In Farmington Hills Will Restore Your Smile

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Dental Bridges In Farmington Hills Will Restore Your Smile One of our most noticeable features is our smile. Taking good care of our teeth is important not just for oral health, but also for aesthetic purposes. If you have one or more teeth missing, then it can lead to many health problems relating to the teeth, gums, or jaw. It …