Root Canal

No Need to Dread a Root Canal!

Your oral health is a great predictor of general well-being and your personal and social confidence, so don’t delay important care because of what you may have heard about root canals. Get the facts and enlist an expert dentist—and you’ll be on your way to restoring the beauty and health of your smile!

What Exactly Is a Root Canal?

Endotherapy—commonly called a root canal—is basically a two-step procedure to treat conditions inside a tooth which have affected the tooth’s nerve and usually, the tissues surrounding the nerve as well.

  • The first step involves removing the infected, compromised tissue in the tooth’s nerve space.
  • The second step accomplishes sealing and filling the inside of the tooth so that contaminants cannot re-infect the area.

Because the tooth is already sore due to its compromised health, and in order to minimize anxiety, your Farmington Hills dentist will discuss techniques for blocking pain with the goal of maximizing your comfort before, during and after the root canal treatment.

Final Restoration Procedure after Root Canal

When endotherapy is complete, there remains the fact that the hole into the tooth, created to access the compromised nerve space, must be filled to restore the integrity of the tooth.

  • The first option is a filling, which is reserved for cases where the access cavity created by the root canal was conservative in size.
  • The most common option, however, is the placement of a dental crown over the tooth, offering greater strength and protection.

Avoid the anxiety often associated with root canal treatment by understanding the process and trusting your dental care to the best dentists in Farmington Hills.

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