Teeth Whitening

Get A Beautiful Smile With Teeth Whitening Services

A bright, white and natural looking smile is something everyone strives to have throughout their life. Unfortunately, the foods we eat and the things we drink can sometimes result in significant staining and yellowing of our teeth as we age. Other factors such as smoking and even some types of medications can also cause our teeth to discolor and stain.

The good news is that teeth whitening services offered at Scott J Owens DDS Cosmetic & Family Dentistry can reverse the process and give you back your brilliant smile, often in as little as one hour.


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Teeth whitening


There are many different options that our cosmetic dentist may recommend for teeth whitening. The Zoom Whitening process is one of the most commonly recommended for mild to moderate stains and yellowing. This is an in-office treatment that takes about an hour and can whiten the teeth at least 6 to 8 shades whiter in just one treatment. Just let us know when you will be coming by our Farmington Hills office, and we can schedule an appointment.

Typically with this type of teeth whitening option, as with the home option, we recommend having your teeth professionally cleaned by our dental hygienists about two weeks before the process. We can also discuss any other cosmetic or general dentistry concerns you may have at the time of your appointment.

Trays for Home Whitening

Another option for our patients, many who live in Birmingham, MI and in the Livonia, West Bloomfield, Franklin and Novi areas, is to complete a home treatment for teeth whitening. This can also be provided after a Zoom Whitening process and used as needed.

Unlike the commercially available whitening kits, our specialized products are professional strength and come with specially designed and custom fitted trays that will help to prevent gum irritation. Additionally, these kits include formulations for sensitive teeth, providing a more comfortable whitening process.

If you are in the Farmington Hills area, including Bloomfield Hills and Birmingham, MI, give us a call today at (248) 626-0772. We can schedule an appointment for in-office or home teeth whitening services that are just right for your needs.

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