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A denture is a removable dental appliance designed to replace missing teeth and gums and enhance a person’s smile. Whether a full or partial denture is required is based upon how many teeth are being replaced per arch.

Dentures & Extractions

A dental extraction is when teeth are removed from their socket in the bone. There are different reasons why a person may need a tooth or teeth extracted. Sometimes severe decay or gum disease may be cause for extraction, as well as a broken tooth that is irreparable. Tooth extractions may occur in preparations for dental implants and dentures as well.

Types of Dentures


A full set of dentures is required when a person has lost all of their teeth. Full dentures replace all of the natural teeth on the top or bottom arch of the mouth.


UltimateFit dentures are custom, innovative dentures made to fit every contour of your mouth. They are strong, lightweight, and odor-resistant.


Premium dentures are enhanced for a very natural appearance. They are first molded in wax and customized to your specific fit and then sent to a lab to finish in an acrylic base.


EconomyPlus dentures are made with a more expensive tooth material for an even more natural look.


Economy dentures are the most common because they are the most affordable. They are fit to the individual’s mouth and typically available the same day.


Partial dentures are required when only some of the teeth are missing from the top or bottom arch. Partial dentures are comprised of a cast metal framework or flexible acrylic.

Cast Metal Partial

A cast metal removable partial denture is engineered in a laboratory outside of our office and is typically ready in about 2 weeks. The cast metal is a strong material that offers a great fit.

Flexible Partial

A flexible partial denture is a thin and lightweight thermoplastic material. It clasps to natural teeth and offers quality aesthetics and functionality.

Acrylic Partial

An acrylic partial denture tends to feel bulkier than the flexible or cast metal partial options, but it is also more affordable. The base of the teeth is acrylic and it has metal clasps that attach to your remaining teeth.

Partial Dentures in Farmington Hills

Will dentures affect the way a person looks, feels, eats, and speaks?

Dentures are a type of restorative dentistry, but they have the capacity to enhance a person’s smile and appearance as well. The dentures are typically unnoticeable except by the person wearing them.

Chewing and speaking with dentures may be an adjustment, but will get easier with practice. It is important to not eat sticky or chewy foods at first and to start out with soft, easy to chew foods such as soup.

Yawning or laughing may be difficult at first with the new dentures, and the production of saliva may become increased. Eventually, your cheeks and tongue will adjust to having the denture in your mouth and will assist in keeping it in place.

Are dentures worn throughout the day?

Typically dentures may be worn throughout the day and taken out when you go to sleep. During the first few days, your dentist will ask that you wear them during sleep so that any areas needing adjustment can be identified.

How does one take care of dentures?

Dentures must be cleaned daily with a soft toothbrush and water. It is important to never use hot water when cleaning or soaking dentures, as it may cause them to warp.

Always soak your dentures in plain water or denture cleaner when you are not wearing them. Regular oral hygiene is necessary as well so as to not contaminate them.

Full Dentures in Farmington Hills

How do Dentures Work?

Full and partial dentures are designed to look and feel just like your natural teeth. They consist of a gum-colored base that the prosthetic teeth are adhered to. Dentures help support the facial muscles and soft tissues around the mouth which may provide a more youthful appearance.

Conventional Full Denture

A conventional full denture refers to a complete removable denture and not a specific type of denture. It is made and placed after teeth have been removed and tissue has healed.

Immediate Full Denture

An immediate full denture is a conventional denture that is placed on the same day as tooth extraction. This is convenient for those who want to have a full set of teeth on the same day but may require some adjustments as your gums and tissue heal.

Partial Denture

A partial denture is a removable dental appliance that helps restore form and function in your smile. It consists of one or more false teeth adhered to a gum-colored base and serves to replace missing teeth in the upper or lower arch of the mouth.

How Long Before I Get Used to My Dentures?

In the first few days of having your new dentures, you will probably experience some awkwardness and possibly some pain. Your mouth will produce more saliva and the dentures may rub in certain spots on your mouth. After about two weeks, your tongue and cheeks will begin to adjust to having them in your mouth.

How Long do Dentures Last?

Dentures get worn out due to regular use and changes in the shape of your mouth and gums. With proper care, dentists usually recommend replacement every five to eight years.

Rebuild Your Smile with Partial Dentures

Partial dentures give you the opportunity to rebuild your smile after the loss of one or more teeth. If you still have some of your natural, healthy teeth, partial dentures may be a great option for you to regain the ability to eat your favorite foods and build up your confidence again.

Choose Full Dentures for a Full Smile

Full dentures provide a full, brand new smile for someone who has lost all of their teeth in the top or bottom arch of their mouth. They are an option for you if you have lost all of your teeth or will lose them due to decay or damage.

Why would I need Partial Dentures?

Partial dentures restore your ability to chew, smile, and laugh after losing one or more of your teeth. They may build your confidence back up when speaking or on the job as well.

More Benefits of Partial Dentures

In addition to restoring the smile and functionality of the mouth, partial dentures protect the tissues and prevent the teeth from shifting due to missing teeth. If more teeth are lost in the future, the existing partial denture is capable of being added on to.

Final Thoughts

At Owens Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, we want to help you achieve your best smile. If you or a loved one are in the market for full or partial dentures, give our office a call today at 248-716-8623 and set up a consultation.

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