8 Complications From Ill-Fitting Dentures

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If you wear ill-fitting dentures for an extended period of time, you can develop problems beyond poor aesthetics and inconvenience. Ill-fitting dentures can jeopardize your oral health. Denture wearers will want to know more about the health problems that ill-fitting dentures can cause.

Swollen Gums
When dentures do not fit the contours of your mouth correctly, they are rubbing against gum tissue in unnatural ways. The extra friction and pressure against the gums cause swelling and gum irritation. Swollen gums are also more likely to be injured or bleed when you wear dentures.

If your gum tissue is irritated and inflamed, you’ll experience sensitivity and soreness. This is especially troublesome if you already have a jawbone disorder such as TMJ. Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) causes pain and restricted jaw movement in the jaw joint and surrounding muscle and tissue. This means TMJ can cause gum irritation as well, which can become quite painful when allowed to progress.

Trouble Speaking
Speaking can be hard enough as it is sometimes, so it is even more difficult to talk normally when your teeth are moving around in your mouth! Ill-fitting dentures can cause social situations to become embarrassing and awkward. Poorly fitted dentures often cause people to develop a lisp or they run the risk of falling out during situations where you are required to speak.

Damage to pre-existing teeth
If you have a combination of natural teeth and false teeth then ill-fitting dentures pose an even greater threat to your oral health. Partial dentures that are not secured properly can grate on your natural teeth. This can result in discomfort and thinner tooth enamel. Chips or cracks can also occur leading to even more issues. Loose partial dentures can also damage dental implants if they collide and scrape together. Damage to natural teeth can lead to tooth decay and gum disease, and if not treated, tooth loss.

If your dentures tend to rub against certain areas of your mouth, blisters may develop. This happens in the body’s attempt to protect affected tissues but certainly isn’t pleasant or good looking. They cause extreme discomfort and the risk of damage and infection. Infection causes blisters to grow and multiply which is unsightly and painful. Infection leads to worse stages of gum disease which can cause a litany of other problems.

Angular Cheilitis
When your teeth don’t properly align, you’re more likely to have an uneven bite. This causes saliva to pool near the corners of your mouth – resulting in a nasty bacterial infection caused by the overgrowth of yeast. Angular cheilitis appears as red irritated streaks or patches on one or both corners of your mouth and can be itchy or painful.

Trouble Eating
Who wants to eat when it hurts to chew? When you have ill-fitting dentures some foods might be difficult to eat. This makes it hard to enjoy your food and maintain a balanced diet. Food can also become lodged between your gums and your dentures. This is another quick path towards gum disease, as the food that is trapped decays right on top of your gums, which can lead to infection.

When your mouth hurts it causes your jaw to hurt which often causes your head to hurt. Headaches are a common side effect of ill-fitting dentures but most people don’t even realize the two problems are related so they continue suffering in silence.

Do you think that your dentures aren’t properly fitted to your mouth? Good thing we’re experts in fixing ill-fitting dentures! With regular checkups and proper denture care, your dentures will fit like natural teeth. We will take good care of you and good care of your dentures. Quality of life can improve so much just by having dentures that fit great. If your new dentures or ones you have worn for a while are ill-fitting, do not wait to contact us. Farmington Hills is home to Scott J Owens DDS Cosmetic & Family Dentistry where Dr. Marc L. Dwoskin or Dr. Scott J. Owens can fix you right up so you’re smiling again.

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