5 Reasons Removable Partial Dentures (RPD) Are a Viable Tooth Replacement Option

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5 Reasons

Dentures are typically constructed to replace missing teeth. They serve to enhance the look of your smile and appearance. There are many different kinds of dentures. However, fitting partial dentures is a viable option for a more natural look. These dentures are easily adapted to almost any jaw bone and can be inserted quickly and easily.

Removable partial dentures (RPD) can improve mouth function and restore your smile. Here are five more reasons you should consider an RPD as an option for replacing missing teeth.   

1. It is a less-invasive procedure

Removable partial dentures are a viable option if you already have a few healthy teeth. The denture connects to other healthy teeth, which reduces the amount of surgery you’ll need for the treatment compared to other in-depth procedures, such as complete dentures.

Partial dentures use the natural, healthy parts of your mouth as a solid foundation for replacing missing teeth.

The American Dental Association suggests that removable partial dentures attach to your natural teeth by using precision attachments. We have an overview of the denture-fitting process if you’d like more information.

2. They improve your appearance and smile

Removable partial dentures can enhance the quality of your smile. They replace missing teeth for a more appealing look. Patients indicate they smile more often when they are wearing their partial dentures.

They can also boost your self-confidence. Some patients report feeling better about themselves, as a whole, after receiving removable partial dentures. This benefit is invaluable to someone who self-conscious about smiling or being around others in public before dentures.

Most patients also report they are better speakers due to their partial dentures. Missing teeth can adversely affect your speech, bite, chewing ability, appearance and jaw bone.   

3. They are protective

Removable partial dentures fit nicely in the mouth and protect other teeth. They are placed over the gums to ensure spaces in between the teeth do not make contact with foreign substances, such as food or other materials.

These types of dentures also prevent other teeth from moving around. When teeth begin to shift, our bite is misaligned, and it negatively affects our gums.

They also take the pressure off our gums. Instead of being attached to the gums themselves, removable partial dentures are attached to other teeth in your mouth. This puts pressure on a healthy bone in our mouth rather than a soft tissue that has the potential to become damaged easily.

5 Reasons

4. They are easy to clean

It is advisable to avoid sleeping with dentures for risk of clenching your teeth in the middle of the night. Dentures also have to be cleaned.

Our team will instruct you on how to clean your RPD thoroughly every day. Always brush and floss your remaining teeth to reduce plaque buildup, especially at the contact points.

Schedule regular dental checkups with our team for a professional cleaning and an exam so we can inspect the RPD for problems or wear.

5. They are affordable

Treatment options for missing teeth can be costly. Fitting partial dentures in Michigan is one of the most affordable options for replacing a missing tooth or enhancing the overall look of your smile.

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