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Tooth whitening is a process which involves removing the paleness of the teeth via specific treatment. At times, dentists use dental veneers to teeth with bad shapes or ones that are badly cracked. Bonding is yet another procedure to remove the cracks and small chips while translucent porcelain sheets are applied on the teeth to refine them and make them appear beautiful and flawless. But no matter how many procedures you do and how many times you get your teeth whitened, it never seems to last. That why the best Zoom whitening Farmington Hills offers is the wisest option for your teeth.

While this is not the only option for whitening, it is by far the fastest and most popular across the world. Whether you want something to last for a longer time or want your teeth whitened fast, ZOOM is the best option for you. This patented teeth whitening system is known to produce dramatic results in less than an hour. The procedure involves a bleaching gel, made with a special formula, that is applied apply directly to the teeth. Once it is applied a special ZOOM lamp with a UV light produces both heat and light to the mouth and activates the gel. The procedure is typically repeated for two more times for about 15 minutes each time. After the three applications the teeth are rinsed to show completion.

When you opt for the best Zoom whitening Farmington Hills has to offer then you get the benefit of excellent guidance as well. Leading dentists take the time to explain the procedure and its benefits in detail so that you can make an informed decision. The Zoom whitening treatment works by exfoliating stains from inside the teeth with a 25% hydrogen peroxide gel. As mentioned, special UV light helps to activate the gel and get the teeth back to their natural color. Dentists take utmost care to cover and protect their patients’ eyes, lips and gums during the entire process.

This super whitening effect can be achieved without the help of anesthesia for majority of cases. Side-effects are minimal in most cases though some may feel an increased sensitivity from the initial few hours to a few days, though the latter is quite rare. In such cases, dentists usually recommended using desensitizing toothpaste for a few days. Patients are also given a Zoom home-use touch-up kit with specific instructions to help maintain the whitening effects of the whitening treatment.

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