Finding a Cosmetic Dentist: 6 Easy Things to Remember

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If you’re crossing stateliness and changing addresses, you’re leaving behind more than your home: you’re leaving behind your long-time, trusted dentist, among other things. No worries, though. With enough time, patience and even a little luck, you’ll find a new one soon after you move into your new home. Here are a few tips to help make this go easier for you:

  1. Don’t leave without a referral. Ask your old dentist for a name and you might just get lucky to find a great, trustworthy dentist soon after moving in. And you’re interested in specific dental services, don’t forget to mention those as well so the referral would be more accurate in terms of the skills and specialization you’d need.
  2. Ask around. If you’re the friendly sort and you like being chummy with strangers, you might just pull this one off. Reach out to your new neighbors for recommendations on who the local dentists are, which ones are the town favorites and which ones offer services like cosmetic dentistry. Once you get a few names, you’ll have several solid leads to follow up on.
  3. Call the hospital. Having just moved in, you’ll probably need to redo your list of emergency numbers. While you’re updating that list, set aside some minutes to put a call to the local hospital nearest to your location. Ask if they have a cosmetic dentist on board. If they do, you might want to add that name on your list.
  4. Book appointments. The next thing you do is to book an appointment. While scouring online and reading about the names on your list is a good way to dig up some background information, it’s not enough to base a decision on. So keep your final decision in reserve.
  5. Check the location. Make sure it’s easy to access. If you live in Franklin, then it’s better to limit your search for a cosmetic dentist in the area. That way, keeping appointments is simple and convenient.
  6. Meet up with the dentist. During the consultation, ask if he’s trained in cosmetic dentistry. You would’ve already known this by now but this is a nice way to start a conversation on the subject. By the time the session ends, you’d already have an idea if you fit or not. If it’s a go, then congratulations. You’ve found your dentist!

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