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However, if you have crooked or missing teeth, then you may not allow yourself to smile, which can interfere with your social life. To help you regain your beautiful smile, our dental practice at Scott J Owens DDS Cosmetic & Family Dentistry offers cosmetic dentistry that we can use to replace or straighten your teeth.

Cosmetic Dental Options

If you have crooked teeth, there are a few things that can be done to straighten them. Depending on your age, using braces may be an appropriate treatment that we will recommend to help properly straighten your teeth after our cosmetic dentist in Birmingham, MI has done a thorough dental examination. Other options may be to remove teeth that are overcrowding your mouth so the others can shift into their proper positions.

For missing teeth, our cosmetic dentist may recommend one of several options.

Dental implants could be a good option if you just have one or two missing teeth. The implants look real and you will be able to use them as you do your natural teeth once they have healed. If you have several missing teeth, then dental appliances like cosmetic dental bridges may be necessary to help fill in the gaps. Along with regaining your smile, the bridges can be used to prevent teeth from shifting and needing additional dental treatments to remove or straighten them.

Making Teeth Look Better

Our cosmetic dentist can also help your teeth look better by using techniques to make them bigger or covering them for a better appearance and make them useful again. If you’ve had dental issues in the past like a root canal, we can cover the tooth with a crown to prevent damage to the weakened tooth and so that you can chew with it again. The crown will also make your tooth appear healthy again.

We, at Scott J Owens DDS Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, can provide pain-free options for making your smaller teeth look bigger or making discolored teeth look whiter. By applying Lumineers or veneers over your teeth, you will have a bright white looking smile that you will proudly show off when the procedure is done.

Emergency Cosmetic Procedures

Our cosmetic dentist is also available for emergency procedures, so if you’ve had an accident and have had teeth knocked out or pushed back, we can go and correct any problems that were caused. We can replace missing teeth or straighten any that were damaged. Call us as soon as you can after your accident so we can get you into a chair and treat your teeth as soon as possible. We will do everything we can restore your smile so you can feel confident about yourself again.

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