Which Is Better – Dentures or Dental Implants?

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Following tooth loss or extreme tooth decay, it is vital to find the correct tooth replacement. The most popular tooth replacement methods are dentures and dental implants.

Depending on the nature of the tooth loss, or if there are multiple teeth missing, patients can opt for either dentures or dental implants. There are advantages and disadvantages to both methods, and it is up to the patient to decide which best meets their needs.

Dentures come in full- or partial-arches, and they are an affordable option for replacing missing teeth.

Dental implants take the place of natural teeth by using a tiny, titanium screw and a dental crown. The titanium implant functions like the root of the tooth, and with proper care, dental implants can last a lifetime.


Many patients believe that all dentures are bulky and unnatural, despite the fact that denture technology and design have come a long way over the past few decades. At Owens Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, we create natural-looking dentures that enhance and support your face shape as well as enable you to eat and speak properly.

Dental implants are created to look just like natural teeth – no one will ever know the difference unless you tell them.

Comfort and Functionality

When dentures are fitted properly, they can be extremely comfortable. However, slippage can occur even when using a denture adhesive, leading to some embarrassing situations. After a time, most denture wearers learn to control their muscles to keep their dentures perfectly in place.

As dental implants are attached to your jaw, you are not likely to notice them at all – not even while eating or speaking.


Dental implants are extremely durable and long-lasting dental devices. Most dental implants last upwards of 15 years, if not for a lifetime.

Dentures, on the other hand, are less sturdy and have to be replaced every 3-6 years. Some patients may need to replace their dentures even sooner if their jawbone or facial structure has shifted due to bone loss.


Many patients prefer taking care of dental implants because they maintain their normal dental hygiene routine, with no additional steps or cleaning solutions.

Others favor dentures, as they only need to remember to soak their dentures in a special antibacterial solution every night, in addition to a quick rinse after each meal.

Long-term Effects

There are other reasons a dentist may determine that dental implants are the better option for your oral health. Since the titanium rod is placed directly into the jawbone, dental implants can naturally prevent the bone shrinkage that occurs after extracting or losing an adult tooth.

In this case, your dentist may decide it is better to receive a dental implant to replace your tooth and save your facial structure from more damage.

Dentures can cause more issues for patients down the line. For example, partial dentures can weaken surrounding natural teeth. In some cases, these teeth have to be re-shaped or replaced.

After years of wearing full-arch dentures, the underlying bone could deteriorate, changing the appearance of your smile and face.

Underlying Oral Health Conditions

Choosing between implants and dentures is greatly influenced by your overall oral health.

Patients with weak or otherwise problematic gum tissue and jawbones may be unable to support dental implants. Patients may need bone grafting first to strengthen the bone for the implant, and this takes additional surgeries and healing time.

If you have active gum disease or severe tooth decay, you will need to address these issues first before you can receive dental implants. You may also need additional teeth extracted before you are ready for your dental implants.

Making the Final Decision

At Owens Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, we pride ourselves on providing the very best care and solutions for patients with missing teeth.

That’s why we take the time to meet with every patient and discuss their health history and expectations regarding replacement teeth during an initial consultation.

Our consultations enable our staff to receive more information about you to make an informed decision moving forward. This appointment also provides you with the opportunity to ask any questions and raise concerns you have when it comes to deciding between dentures and dental implants.

Give us a call at (248)-716-8623 to start discussing how we can replace your teeth and improve your oral health and your self-confidence.

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