Restore Your Smile with Porcelain Bridges

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In Cosmetic Dentistry porcelain bridges are typically considered a work of art. Made to look exactly like the real thing, and function just as well, a porcelain bridge is designed to turn the issue of a missing tooth into a beautiful incisor, canine, molar or premolar collection.

How Porcelain Bridges Work
The essential basis of a porcelain bridge in dentistry is that, through the services of a trained and experienced practice – such as At Scott J Owens DDS Cosmetic & Family Dentistry – missing teeth can be replaced by cosmetic dental bridges.

When told about porcelain, most people imagine a very fragile and not very useful material, one associated with breaking. But the opposite is true – porcelain is, actually, extremely versatile.

Besides that, porcelain is the best material to imitate tooth bones, with the durability and longevity factors for the bridge associated with the bridge becoming a huge plus perk.

The bridges themselves are a fairly straightforward process. It all begins with what you could call a little adjustment. According to the most recent statistics, over 70% of people who buy tramadol online, A bridge is designed to be a series of teeth made to replace your lost tooth with what appears to be a new one.

Instead of drilling into your gums or by some other way installing a tooth into an empty socket, a bridge involves filing down a tooth on either side of the lost tooth, and then devising a three-tooth combination to install onto the two thinner, smaller teeth.

The end result is a bridge, composed of two crowns installed on what are dubbed “abutment teeth” and a false tooth.

Why Porcelain?
Porcelain is the most common, but it is by no means the only material used when it comes to cosmetic bridging. Other examples of “pontics”, or elements of dentistry/fake teeth, can be sourced from special alloys, and even gold as per WebMD.

That being said, porcelain does have a great appeal for customer insofar that it:

A. Isn’t all that expensive, and,
B. Looks like a tooth should look.

Types of Bridges
While the process of installing a few crowns and a false tooth is fairly straightforward, there are variations.

Traditional bridges involve two crowns and a false tooth, but the cantilever bridge involves only attaching the false tooth to a crown/crowns on one side of the teeth in your mouth, instead of both.

Then, there are more complex bridges made with metal frameworks instead of drilling down your existing teeth.

Finding out which is the best solution for you involves a little work and some research.

Dental Care You Can Trust
Let our team at Dr. Scott J Owens DDS help you achieve the perfect smile! Whether you’re interested in a simple cleaning, smile makeover, or complex cosmetic work, call us today at (248) 213-9177 to schedule an appointment.

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