Reasons to Get a Root Canal

Theresa Porter Root Canal

The term “root canal” sometimes sparks unpleasant thoughts in people’s minds. However, root canals are actually extremely helpful for saving your natural teeth if they end up becoming infected. This painless type of therapy offered by Scott J Owens DDS Cosmetic and Family Dentistry is recommended in several dental situations.

Why May I Need a Root Canal?
In this type of therapy, your dentist will remove infection caused by bacteria that have entered the nerve chamber inside your tooth’s root. Your teeth can become inflamed and irritated for several reasons, including tooth trauma, big fillings or deep decay. Repeated dental work, periodontal disease and chipped teeth are other reasons you may require a root canal. Farmington Hills dentists can examine your teeth to determine if this type of treatment is the best therapy option in your particular case.

Root Canal Benefits
Root canals help save your teeth, thus preventing you from having to rely on prosthetic dental devices to chew food and speak. If the inside of your tooth root is infected and you do not get this treated, it can lead to pain or even cause an abscess, which is an accumulation of pus. In addition, the infection can continue spreading, eventually causing severe pain. It is important to note that if your tooth has experienced some form of trauma, the inside of the root may be damaged even if your tooth does not have any visible cracks or chips.

Root Canal Process
During your treatment appointment, the tooth requiring the therapy will first be numbed using a local anesthetic. This will help you remain comfortable. Then, your dentist will set up a rubber dam or protective shield in the area in order to keep your tooth saliva-free and clean. After you have become numb, your dentist will create an opening in the top of your tooth and will use instruments to clean as well as shape your canals. A cleaning solution will also be used to remove any tooth debris or bacteria in the area. Then, a filling material will be placed inside the canals.

Scott J Owens DDS Cosmetic and Family Dentistry can answer any questions you have and make your therapy experience a positive and successful one.