What Should You Look for in a Cosmetic Dentist?

Emily Harrison Cosmetic Dentistry

Selecting the right cosmetic dentist is essential to achieving the results you desire. Choosing a cosmetic dentist to create your beautiful new smile requires you to evaluate a dentist’s ability, their years of experience, as well as their previous work, personality, philosophy of care, and training in the area of cosmetic dentistry. They should be able to provide you with many before and after examples so you can see the work that they have performed for others who have come to them for a cosmetic procedure.

Our experts at Scott J Owens DDS Cosmetic & Family Dentistry are highly trained professionals who are creating a work of art that will showcase your smile. The art of making smiles lies within the doctor’s ability to be able to communicate with you and to answer all your questions and to make you feel comfortable. Before you randomly choose a dentist, consider this, great cosmetic dentistry is truly a work of art, and you will want to be sure that you choose someone who has the talent and the experience to provide the results you are dreaming about.

Know Your Teeth
If you’re considering changing the appearance of your smile, you owe it to yourself to do your homework and consider several important factors. Don’t disappoint yourself and choose a cosmetic dentist solely based on fees. You will be disappointed and frustrated if you do. More important factors to consider in selecting the right dental professional for your smile makeover include knowledge and skills, photography, continuing education, experience, credentials, and affiliations. These are the things that set apart our professionals at Scott J Owens DDS Cosmetic & Family Dentistry and this is what you should look for in a cosmetic dentist. You’ll be glad you did.

How Do You Get Started?
Your very first step would be a comprehensive examination and Cosmetic Dentistry Consultation to evaluate your smile and discuss your goals and options for treatment. Cosmetic dentistry is the art and science of designing wonderful and beautiful smiles with a special emphasis on each of your individual teeth, as well as your smile, and making sure that they look their very best.

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