Let Us Give You a Bright Smile with Teeth Whitening in Farmington Hills

Over time, your usually bright pearly whites can become yellow looking due to drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes and enjoying your favorite foods. While you can help prevent discoloration by brushing your teeth after eating or drinking, you won’t prevent all of it. There are many ways to help whiten your teeth, including visiting our offices so we can give you a bright smile again.

Dental Whitening
We, at Scott J Owens DDS Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, can help restore your bright smile by whitening your teeth. We may be able to whiten your teeth in one visit so you are not inconvenienced by having to return for another treatment. When you have your teeth whitening in Farmington Hills, we can give you the tools you need to whiten your teeth at home or we can do it while you are in the office.

Although there are products you can buy to whiten your teeth at home, professional teeth whitening in our offices will last longer and take less time than over-the-counter options. The whitening products used in our offices are much stronger than you can buy at the drugstore, so the whitening effect will last longer and make your teeth look better much sooner.

Dental Bleaching Trays
One of the options for teeth whitening is using dental bleaching trays. With this option, we make you a set of customized trays made from the impression of your teeth. The tray will fit your mouth exactly and you will use a bleaching solution to help whiten your teeth at home. You will need to use it every day for one to two weeks, but then you will have a bright white smile for your efforts. Another whitening technique is laser bleaching.

Dental Laser Bleaching
With laser bleaching, the dentist uses a laser to apply a strong bleach to your teeth. A barrier is applied to the gums to protect them so the bleaching can be done to whiten your teeth. This technique can be done in one hour, in three 20-minute sessions, so you have the instant gratification of going home with a bright, white smile.

We, at Scott J Owens DDS Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, will also recommend that you get your teeth cleaned regularly in order to help maintain a healthy, bright smile. Removing plaque build-up will help to prevent discoloration, as well as ensure that your mouth is healthier. Clean teeth always look brighter and if you need additional help, we can then use one of our teeth whitening techniques to help remove further discolorations caused by what you eat or drink.

If you want your teeth to look brighter and whiter, call our offices and make an appointment to get your teeth whitened. After we have finished whitening your teeth, you will start smiling more because you will feel better about your appearance.