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Although there are many home remedies people have tried to make their teeth appear whiter, the most effective and safe way to truly make your teeth noticeably whiter is to use a whitening treatment administered by your dentist. There are several different teeth whitening treatments used by dentists today, but the Philips Zoom whitening treatment is an incredibly efficient and painless way to whiten teeth either at home or in your dentist’s office.

In-office whitening

One of the two methods that Zoom teeth whitening can be administered is in a session with a dental professional. By choosing the in-office whitening process as opposed to a take-home treatment, the dentist can use stronger and more effective whitening ingredients that are unavailable in the Zoom whitening take-home kits.

When these whitening chemicals are used in-office, they create almost instantly brighter teeth with little to no sensitivity afterwards.

In-office whitening options

Two different in-office whitening treatments can be done with Zoom teeth whitening products. The first of these treatments, the Zoom QuickPro, will take about 30 minutes for each treatment and can also be done at home. This treatment is a great solution for anyone looking to noticeably brighten their smile.

The second option from Zoom, which is only available as an in-office treatment, is called the Zoom WhiteSpeed. Designed to work best for people who want to see the most rapid results, this 45-minute session can work a little faster than the QuickPro whitening treatment but is still safe for use when a qualified dental professional is administering it.

How does Zoom QuickPro work?

The Zoom QuickPro whitening treatment does not take a long time and can be added onto the end of your routine dental appointment if desired. First, your dentist will determine the shade of your teeth. They will then prepare your mouth and gums for the QuickPro treatment.

A thin layer of quick-drying whitening varnish will be applied to each tooth. This layer is followed by a coating of sealant that will protect the teeth from any potential sensitivity that may occur. After this process, you are free to leave the dentist’s office as long as you remember to brush off the dried varnish after 30 minutes.

There is also a Zoom QuickPro treatment that can be performed at home, which is a popular solution for busy professionals. These products, unlike what you might find in the drugstore, are professional strength whitening agents and come with customized trays fitted to your teeth. These formulations can also be used on sensitive teeth, making for a more comfortable at-home teeth whitening experience.

How does Zoom WhiteSpeed work?

This treatment takes a little longer than the QuickPro treatment because of its more intense results. At the dentist’s office, your mouth will be prepped for whitening, and a layer of advanced whitening gel will then be applied to the teeth. Next, a patented blue LED WhiteSpeed lamp speed up the whitening process.

This process is repeated three times until the desired shade of whiteness is reached. At that point, your dentist will apply a post-treatment gel which is designed to decrease any potential sensitivity and protect your tooth enamel.

Included in the treatment is a set of take-home whitening products including a customized tray designed for your mouth and a whitening kit to top up your smile’s brightness when you feel it might be getting a little dull.

Other whitening tips

Seeing a dental professional at Owens Cosmetic and Family Dentistry to administer a Zoom whitening treatment is a great way to whiten your teeth, but in addition to in-office whitening, there are other subtle ways to keep your smile as bright as possible. Eating a diet free of foods and beverages that can stain your teeth will prevent many surface stains from forming. Stopping smoking and scheduling regular dental exams and hygiene treatments can help preserve your bright and beautiful smile!

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