Benefits of Visiting a Cosmetic Dentist

Cosmetic dentists specialize in keeping your mouth healthy, clean, and attractive. They offer a number of services to improve your dental health and the appearance of your mouth. By incorporating new technology and cosmetic techniques, patients can feel at ease knowing they will have a painless visit at the dentist. Novi residents can depend on our team at Dwoskin & Owens Cosmetic & Family Dentistry for cosmetic services needed to improve their dental health.

General Services
In addition to cosmetic services, cosmetic dentists perform regular dental cleanings and checkups. Root canals, fillings, and x-rays are all provided by a cosmetic dentist as part of their services. Maintaining clean, healthy teeth can give you an easier trip to the dentist’s office. However, our cosmetic dentists can provide local residents with thorough cleanings and polite, friendly service.

If a patient has a tooth removed because of cavities or other complications, he or she will require an implant to replace it. A cosmetic dentist uses porcelain-based implants to imitate the appearance of a healthy tooth and provide a sturdier alternative to metal fillings. A titanium post and metal ball anchor the porcelain replacement tooth to the patient’s roots, locking it in place. Ceramic implants look the same as a regular tooth, and the procedure is relatively painless.

Dentures and Veneers
For older patients, we offer porcelain dentures to replace any lost teeth. Available in full and partial sets, dentures are easy to use and maintain, and give you both strong teeth and a more beautiful smile. For less severe cases, veneers will cover up any stains, chips, and imperfections in your teeth. They also serve as protection for teeth with weak or worn enamel, keeping them healthy and protected behind an elegant cover. For teeth that have been severely damaged, veneers can be anchored to roots in a similar process to implants.

Cosmetic dentistry protects your teeth, maintains your dental health, and improves your appearance. For more information about cosmetic services and procedures, ask our dental team serving Novi. Patients can have the dental care and more beautiful smiles they desire through the various services we offer.