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In years past, using metal for fillings, caps, and crowns was common practice. It wasn’t unusual to see silver fillings or gold crowns. While it wasn’t always attractive, it appeared to work well enough. Today, however, there are much better options available for your tooth restoration needs.

Metal Free Dentistry

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Why Do I Need Metal Free Dentistry?

Today we know that metal fillings, caps, and crowns may not be the best options. This is due to a few reasons.

  • Metal can expand or shrink with heat or cold. This fluctuation of fillings and crowns as you eat cold or hot foods can expose weak sections of the tooth. This exposure can lead to further decay, pain, and the need for otherwise unnecessary treatments.
  • Another reason patients today are choosing metal free dentistry is because of the appearance of the dental work. Metal-free materials such as composite resin or porcelain can be matched to your natural tooth color. This helps blend the fillings or crowns with the rest of your teeth and essentially hides the evidence of your dental work.
  • The composite resins used today bonds to the tooth more strongly. This helps secure the filling or crown to the tooth, preventing it from coming loose and falling out later. These materials can be shaped to resemble your other teeth, further naturalizing your smile.

What About My Old Fillings?

The possibility of mercury in older metal dental materials should be strongly considered. Years ago, amalgam was a regularly-used material for fillings. We now know that this metal contains mercury. Prolonged exposure to mercury can be damaging to your health. Your dentist will be able to help you determine if your old fillings and dental work should be replaced.

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