Smile Makeover Service

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Undergoing a makeover can be a fun and exciting experience. New hair, clothes, and accessories can help a person feel fresh and new.

Getting a smile makeover can be invigorating in all the same ways. Having a beautiful smile can garner confidence, boost self-esteem, and propel you into the image you want. Whether you are looking to straighten, whiten, or completely re-envision the look of your smile, a smile makeover service provided by your dentist can help.

Smile Makeover Service

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What Is A Smile Makeover?

A smile makeover is a great option for the person who is dissatisfied with the look of their smile. It is a professional service provided by a dentist to gently reshape the entire appearance of the mouth.

  • Whitening – tooth whitening services can help you achieve the level of brightness that best complements your skin tone. Your dentist can help you determine your best look.
  • Straightening – gently straightening your teeth with the guidance of your dentist can help you achieve the type of smile you’ve always wanted. Your dentist can go over the options with you.
  • Crowns or veneers – sometimes a damaged tooth needs a completely new look in order to achieve the desired smile. Crowns and veneers are an excellent option.
  • Spacing – overcrowded teeth can make a person self-conscious. Spacing the teeth through extraction or other methods might be an option.
  • Cleaning – making sure your teeth are smooth and plaque-free is a must for a healthy smile.

A patient may want only a couple of the available services, or they may want all of them. Your dentist can speak with you in depth to map out a plan of action to help you achieve the look you’re seeking.

If you want a more attractive smile then a smile makeover may be a great option for you. Let our team at Dr. Scott J. Owens DDS help you achieve the perfect smile!

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