Orthodontic Braces

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Not everyone is born with perfectly aligned pearly whites. Instead, the vast majority of us have teeth that aligned just well enough to function correctly. The rest either have perfectly straight teeth or need braces to achieve normal function, aesthetic appeal, or both these goals.

Orthodontic Braces

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At Owens Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, we can help you achieve the dream of having teeth that all stand in perfect alignment. To this end, we offer orthodontic braces to patients that visit our office in Farmington Hills, Michigan.

How Orthodontic Braces Work

Orthodontic braces straighten teeth by forcing them into alignment at very small increments until they reach a desired a desired position. We do this by using either a piece of memory wire secured to metal anchors glued to the teeth or a clear aligner device such as ClearCorrect or Invisialign.

In traditional wire braces, we change the shape of the memory wire during each adjustment session. Memory wire naturally wants to return to its original shape, and in the process of doing so, it pulls the teeth along with it. This action forces the bone that holds the teeth in place to change slightly with each session. As the bone changes shape, it weakens slightly before hardening into its new shape, which sets the new position of the teeth.

Clear aligners work in a similar manner, but they replace the traditional wire brace with a plastic appliance that looks similar to a dental tray. We change the shape of the aligner during each session to slowly move the tooth into the correct position.

What to Consider Before Getting Braces

Anyone can get braces to adjust even small imperfections with dental alignment. However, we advise patients to consider a few factors before proceeding.
First, you have to understand that your teeth will hurt after each adjustment session. This pain slowly diminishes over the course of a few days. Eating solid food while the pain is at its peak intensity is often very difficult. How much pain occurs is a factor we can control based on how drastic the adjustments are, and we can regulate these with feedback from you about your level of discomfort.

Second, it will take time to bring your teeth into proper alignment. The process can last for months depending on the amount of correction needed.

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If you think you need braces, if you have any apprehensions about the process, or if you have any other question about them, talk to us. We can give you everything you need to now about orthodontic braces so that you can approach the process with correct expectations and a sense of confidence.

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