Dental Broken Tooth Repair

Dental Broken Tooth Repair

A broken tooth, just as painful as it is embarrassing, can inhibit your ability to smile comfortably. Many allow their broken teeth to go unrepaired fearing that the procedure will be too costly. Dental Crowns provide simple, affordable dental broken tooth repair.


Broken Tooth

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What Causes Broken Teeth?

Broken teeth commonly occur as the result of an accident. Sports accidents, chewing a hard substance, and facial traumas are all common causes of accident based broken teeth.

It is also possible for a tooth to break resulting from poor dental care. Cavities left untreated can worsen to the point where the tooth becomes weak and breaks, and old fillings made from amalgam weaken the natural tooth placing it at risk of breaking.

Broken Teeth Risks

If unrepaired, broken teeth can cause some serious negative effects on your dental health. Infection, decay, and possible tooth loss are some of the complications associated with broken teeth. Seeking out treatment will save you both money and stress in the future.

Dental Crowns

Here at Owens Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, we believe in metal-free dentistry. Traditional dental crowns were composed of unsightly metal that erodes leaving discolored lines on the gums. Our office utilizes ceramic and porcelain crowns for a more attractive look.

Dental crowns cover the surface of the broken tooth returning it back to its old aesthetic. They are a 100% pain-free method of dental broken tooth repair and do not require long sessions at the dentist.

Benefits of Dental Crowns

Considering broken teeth are prone to infection and decay, it is vital to protect the damaged part of the tooth. A dental crown securely covers the damaged area preventing harmful bacteria from entering the tooth.

Dental Broken Tooth Repair

Dental Crown Application

One concern with dental crowns is that they will feel unnatural in the mouth. Our specialists guarantee a perfect fit. We customize your crown using a mold of your teeth to create a natural feel and appearance.

The custom crown fits the specific shape, size, and color of your teeth. While you wait between one to two weeks for the crown to return from the lab, your dentist fits a temporary crown over the broken tooth to protect it from infection.

Your dentists permanently secures the custom crown to your tooth for long-lasting, durable dental broken tooth repair.

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