Cosmetic Dental Fillings

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Fillings are common dental procedures that help repair a decayed or broken tooth. They are a common procedure you may have undergone several times in your life. Silver amalgam is the most typical type of material that dentists use to fill cavities. Another option that many patients opt for are composite fillings, which utilize white material that matches the color of your tooth.

Cosmetic Dental


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Composite Resin Fillings

Although silver amalgam is much stronger and durable, many patients prefer composite fillings for aesthetic purposes. Composite fillings, along with inlays and overlays, which are similar to composite fillings, also match tooth color more closely, while also placed either in or on the surface of your tooth. Composite fillings and inlays and overlays are two popular types of cosmetic dental fillings that can are important for maintaining good oral health and preserving a bright smile. They are most commonly used in the permanent teeth of patients over 18. But due to their popularity, and issues with silver fillings, such as concerns about mercury poisoning and sensitivity to temperature, some dentists offer metal free fillings for the entire family.

Cosmetic Dental Fillings

Cosmetic dental fillings are just one of the many procedures offered by Owens Cosmetic and Family Dentistry. Scott Owens DDS and his team are expertly trained in cosmetic and general dentistry and will help you maintain a perfect smile while ensuring your oral health is the number one priority. With all staff members having at least ten years of experience, your visit will be a positive and successful one.

Cosmetic Dental Fillings

Using the most advanced technology, Dr. Owens and his team will listen to your concerns, diagnose you quickly and accurately, prepare a customized treatment plan, and help you feel confident.

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