Root Canal Treatment

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Tooth decay can cause an infection of the pulp at the center of teeth. This part of the tooth is known as the root canal. When it becomes infected, root canal treatment is required to save the tooth and prevent the need for extraction.

Root Canal


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Symptoms of an infected root canal include sensitivity to hot or cold food and drink, pain, discomfort, or a loosening of the tooth itself. If left untreated, an infected root canal can lead to permanent discoloration of the tooth, swelling in the gum or face, or an unpleasant discharge from the infection site.

Swift treatment is critical in preventing the infection from spreading and causing further damage. Antibiotics aren’t effective in treating an infected root canal, so it is vital that a dentist intervenes before the problem can worsen.
If left too long, the infection may become so severe that root canal treatment is no longer a viable treatment option, meaning your dentist will need to extract the tooth.

Root canal treatment

Your dentist may begin by taking an x-ray of the infection site to assess the state of the root canal and the surrounding tissue. Root canal treatment involves drilling down into the tooth and removing all the infected tissue.

If there is an abscess present in the root canal, your dentist will drain the fluid away before enlarging the canal and filling it to prevent further infection. Following the treatment, a crown may also be fitted to restore the look of the tooth. This will depend on how much damage the infection has caused to the natural tooth.

root canal treatment

Sedation for Anxious Patients

Although root canal treatment has a bad reputation, it is a routine procedure that isn’t much different from a filling. If you are a nervous patient, we can offer sedation.

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