Periodontal Disease Treatment

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If your dentist has diagnosed you with periodontal or gum disease, you have options to heal your gums and prevent further injury. Periodontal disease treatment depends on the severity of your gum disease and your health history. The team at Owens Cosmetic and Family Dentistry can help determine the best treatment for you.

According to the American Dental Association, there are four stages to wise periodontal management – regular dental cleaning, deep cleaning, gum surgery, and maintaining good oral health.


Periodontal Disease Treatment

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Dental cleaning

Gingivitis is treated with regularly scheduled dental cleaning. Your dentist will provide recommendations for keeping teeth and gums healthy between visits.

Deep cleaning

With more advanced periodontal disease, treatment involves deep cleaning techniques called root planing and scaling that tackle issues below the gumline. The roots of the teeth are smoothed, and plaque and tartar removed to encourage healthier gums and promote healing.

Periodontal Disease Treatment

Periodontal surgery

Surgery is often required for more serious cases of periodontal disease, where planing and scaling are not enough to address the problem. Your dentist will carefully remove debris from areas that are difficult to reach and reduce tooth pocket depth, so it is easier to keep your teeth clean when you brush.

Maintain healthy teeth

Consistent periodontal maintenance care is crucial after treatment. Schedule these more in-depth cleanings to keep gums and teeth healthy. Getting your gum disease under control requires diligent personal attention and dental intervention on a regular basis. Talk with your dentist about designing a treatment plan that meets your specific needs.

Home dental care

Brush your teeth at least twice a day with a soft-bristled brush and a toothpaste containing fluoride. Floss between teeth daily to remove particles that can irritate gums and cause decay. With constant oral care at home and regular dental visits, periodontal disease can be treated and reversed.

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