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The prospect of orthodontic treatment can be daunting, conjuring long months of pain, discomfort and an unsightly smile. But orthodontic technology has come a long way, and there are numerous options in choosing your orthodontic treatment. Before committing to treatment, it’s important to remember that a key stage of the process will be wearing a retainer to maintain the final result. Orthodontic bonded retainers are a great option.

Bonded Retainers

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Why are Retainers Important?

After our braces treatments have concluded, our teeth have a natural tendency to move back in the direction of their original position. Also, as we age, and our facial structure matures, the position of our jaw bone, cheeks, tongue, lips and soft tissue change, and so, even after orthodontic treatment, our teeth can shift back into their previous crooked position.

The retainer phase of orthodontic treatment is crucial as it prevents the teeth from slipping back into their original position, and ensures another orthodontic treatment won’t be needed.

What are Orthodontic Retainers?

There are two types of orthodontic retainers: removable and fixed – or bonded. Removable retainers are what most of us envision when we think of retainers, the ones we take off to eat or brush our teeth.

Orthodontic Bonded Retainers

Fixed or bonded retainers are customized wires that are affixed to the back of the front teeth – where relapse is most likely to occur – with a compositive material. They are virtually invisible when smiling or speaking, and don’t get in the way of eating. They’re helpful in patients who had large spaces between their front teeth before their orthodontic treatments.

Bonded retainers are affixed to the teeth, and will protect them from shifting as you grow older. Only your orthodontist should remove the retainer.

Bonded retainers are often preferable because the patient doesn’t have to remember to remove the retainer while eating and brushing throughout the day.

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