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Wearing a retainer following orthodontist treatment for crooked teeth is a critical part of the process, especially in the first few months after your dentist removes your braces. Failure to do so can allow your newly straightened teeth to relapse into a misaligned position, undoing some or all of your treatment.


Orthodontic Bonded

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Many find that wearing a removable retainer, which resembles a mouth guard can be awkward and uncomfortable, but mostly, patients find it inconvenient. Some have trouble remembering to wear their retainer, running the risk of setting their treatment back and having to wear braces again. Removable retainers can also be easily misplaced adding more cost to your investment.

Orthodontic bonded retainers are a great alternative to removable retainers. They are wires that attach directly to the rear surface of the teeth, helping to secure them in position. There’s no need to worry about inserting and removing your bonded retainer because it is designed to stay in place 24 hours a day.

Keep your teeth in check

Orthodontic bonded retainers require professional fitting and removal by a dentist. They may be a more suitable choice for those who frequently forget to put their retainer in before going to sleep. Children, who are at the highest risk of compliance issues, can also benefit from orthodontic bonded retainers.

bonded retainers

An invisible solution

One advantage of orthodontic bonded retainers is that they are practically invisible. Since they sit behind the teeth, they may be a better option for patients who feel self-conscious about how their removable retainer looks to others.

The process of fitting a bonded retainer is painless and takes minutes. Although you will probably be aware of your retainer when your orthodontist first fits it, most patients quickly acclimatize to the feeling and soon forget about it.

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