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The use of metal in the field of dentistry is becoming a thing of the past. Metal free dentistry experts now offer fillings and crowns that are virtually undetectable, specifically formulated to match the natural color of your teeth.

Metal Free Dentistry Experts


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Metal filling and crown removal

Metal fillings and crowns can stand out and affect our ability to smile with confidence.

Traditional amalgam fillings typically contain mercury, silver, copper, tin, and zinc. Amalgam has a gray color that darkens with age, meaning metal fillings become even more noticeable as time goes on.

Many dental patients are now opting to have their metal fillings and crowns removed and replaced with tooth-colored, metal-free dental work.

Composite tooth fillings

Tooth decay is caused by the bacteria found in plaque. As this bacteria attacks the tooth, its structure deteriorates, and cavities begin to form. Fillings stop this deterioration in its tracks and restore the structural integrity of the tooth.

Composite fillings — typically made of powdered glass and acrylic resin — are a popular choice for people who want to preserve their natural smile. They’re far more discreet than amalgam or gold fillings because they match the color of your natural teeth.

Ceramic crowns

Ceramic crowns are tooth-colored caps made of porcelain that dentists fit over a significantly damaged or decayed tooth to protect it from further damage or infection, restoring the patient’s smile and bite in the process.

Ceramic crowns blend in seamlessly with a patient’s natural teeth and, unlike metal crowns, they don’t leave marks on the patient’s gums

Metal Free Dentistry

If you have metal dental work and want to brighten your smile, we will happily remove it for you and replace it with a more natural-looking alternative.

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