Laser Dentistry

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Laser technology has been used in dentistry for more than two decades and has numerous applications, from cavity removal to teeth whitening to surgical and restorative procedures such as fillings and crowns. Laser dentistry offers numerous benefits over traditional dentistry, so it’s important to seek out a dentist who offers all available options.


Laser Dentistry

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What is Laser Dentistry?

A laser is an extremely focused light beam that acts as a cutting instrument or vaporizer, to alter or remove tissue in small amounts. A laser’s tip is tiny compared to the end of a drill bit, allowing a dentist to target an area of the tooth or gum with pinpoint accuracy while avoiding surrounding tissue.

The two types of lasers used in dentistry are soft tissue and hard tissue lasers, and they have different wavelengths that are appropriate for cutting different tissues.

One of the biggest benefits of laser dentistry is that it can often be applied with less anesthetic, or even with no anesthetic at all.

Lasers are used in numerous medical procedures, and laser dentistry is a minimally invasive alternative to traditional dentistry.

What can Laser Dentristry Treat?

People usually associate laser dentistry with tooth whitening, but it has numerous applications. It can be used in soft tissue dental problems such as gum disease, root canal infections, canker sores and cold sores, and benign oral tumors. There is significantly less soft tissue bleeding and swelling using lasers as compared to traditional treatment methods.

Laser Dentristry Treat

It can also be used for hard tissue treatments such as preparing teeth for fillings. Lasers can effectively cut through teeth to remove and shape teeth in preparation for fillings and other procedures.

What are the Benefits of Laser Dentistry?

Choosing laser over more traditional dentistry allows for quicker healing time; there’s less heat and vibration in comparison to traditional drilling; there’s less discomfort for the patient both during the treatment and after; and studies have proven there’s increased precision and safety.

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