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Pediatric dentistry is important for your child’s development. With proper monitoring of oral health throughout the stages of a child’s growth, you help your child build habits for a happy, healthy future.

Children need to see specialists who have acquired proper qualifications and experience. At Owen’s cosmetic and family dentistry, we care about providing the best kids dental care to fit every child’s needs

Kids Dental

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Childhood Dental Development

Children experience multiple stages throughout their dental development. Every dental stage is prone to possible infections and other dental issues.

Within the first six months of your child’s life, their baby teeth start to come in. Around six or seven years old, children begin to lose their baby teeth and develop a permanent secondary set of teeth.

Why is it Important to Care for Baby Teeth?

Baby teeth play a vital role in the overall development of your child’s oral health. They aid in speech development and reserve space for permanent teeth.

Strong, healthy baby teeth assist children with eating a variety of nutritional foods. If teeth are weak or damaged, they may reject those foods missing valuable nutrition resources. The health of baby teeth also set the standard for their permanent teeth’s health.

Pediatric Dental Education

Kid’s dental care providers must have adequate education to monitor and maintain your child’s oral health properly. Pediatric dentists complete four years of dental school, plus two additional years in residency at a pediatric dentistry office.

Kids Dental Care

Treatments Provided by a Pediatric Dentist

Pediatric dentists provide infant oral exams to monitor the child for dental caries, or cavities and provide preventative care. Kid’s dental care providers also advise on nutritional recommendations to ensure your child’s healthy development.

Pediatric dentists correct improper bite, straighten teeth, counsel poor oral hygiene habits, repair tooth decay, care for dental injuries, manage oral diseases, and diagnose different oral conditions associated with health issues.

Provide your child with the care they need for a healthy future.

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