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Implant dentistry is a procedure that is used to replace missing or damaged teeth with screw-like posts made of titanium. An artificial tooth is fixed to the top of the post and will function and look like a real one.

Dental implants are a great alternative to bridgework if you do not have healthy teeth to support a bridge. They also tend to last longer than bridgework which will have to be replaced every ten to fifteen years.

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Am I a good candidate for dental implants?

Dr. Scott J. Owens DDS will fully assess your oral health with a thorough dental exam.

The ideal candidate for dental implants should be in good overall and oral health. Your dentist will determine whether you have the right amount of bone height, which is necessary to place the implant inside the jawbone. Your gum tissue must also be healthy.

You may need bone grafting before you can have dental implant surgery. This will be the case if your jawbone is too soft or not thick enough. Your dentist can give you proper advice after you are evaluated.

How is dental implant surgery done?

There are several procedures involved in dental implant surgery. Once your dentist has completed your assessment and is happy with the condition of your jawbone, any remaining damaged or decayed tooth will be removed. The leftover root will also be removed.

At your next appointment, titanium screws are placed directly inside the jawbone. The screw needs to fuse with the gum and jaw and this can take up to six months. This process is called osseointegration.

The next stage is to uncover the implants and attach the support base for the new tooth to be fixed onto.

Finally, the new crown will be attached to the base. The whole process can take several months to complete, but the reward is that you will have a tooth that looks natural and that is as functional as your real teeth.


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What can you do to help your dental implant last?

The wonderful thing about dental implants is that they are very similar to your natural teeth and therefore need the same care and attention. Continue to practice good oral hygiene and keep the implants and surrounding gum area clean.

Avoid damaging habits that can harm both your implants and natural teeth, such as chewing hard foods. Also avoid teeth staining caffeine and tobacco products.

Remember to schedule regular dental checkups too.

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