Dental Crown Implant Restoration

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Dental crown implant restoration is one of the most effective reparative dental procedures available for the replacement of broken or missing teeth.

Dental Crown


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First steps

To start with, you’ll have an initial consultation with your dentist, who will examine your teeth and take an x-ray of your jaw. If all is well, the implant procedure can continue. However, some patients may discover their jaw doesn’t have enough bone for an implant to be an immediately viable option.

When this occurs, your dentist might recommend a bone graft. The bone used for grafting is usually taken from another part of the patient’s body, although dentists sometimes use animal bone instead.

What does implant restoration involve?

Your dentist will implant an artificial root made of titanium into your gum. If they are replacing several teeth within proximity, a single implant may be able to support more than one tooth. Dentists usually fit implants under a local anesthetic, but they may use a general anesthetic or iv sedation in complex cases or with very nervous patients.

The implant is left in place to allow it to fuse with the jaw bone. During this period, your dentist will fit a safety cap onto the implant. This process takes about three to four months, but it can happen much quicker, enabling your dentist to fit a prosthetic tooth sooner.

Implant Restoration

What happens next?

Once your jaw has healed, and your implant is sufficiently stable, your dentist will take a mold and send it off to a lab where a technician will make your new replacement tooth.

When it’s ready, your dentist will attach your new tooth to the implant using an adhesive, making any necessary adjustments to ensure you maintain a comfortable bite. UV light is then used to activate the chemicals in the adhesive, causing it to harden.

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