Dental Broken Tooth Repair

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Dealing with a broken tooth can be a challenging situation. The pain is excruciating and affects your ability to carry on with daily tasks. Mild painkillers offer temporary relief, but eventually, you will need to visit a dentist for dental broken tooth repair services.

Dental Broken

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There are several dangers associated with having a cracked tooth;

1. A chipped tooth destabilizes the rest of the tooth structure, and the remaining part of the tooth will break off with continued use. This causes acute pain, exposing the roots to infections from bacteria found in the mouth.

2. A broken tooth can quickly lead to nerve damage. Like any other part of the body, the nervous system also stimulates the teeth. Failure to correct a chipped tooth will cause the nerves to weaken since due to exposure, and it will lead to pressure sensitivity.

3. A chipped tooth leaves the nerves and roots exposed causing temperature sensitivity. As a result, it will be challenging to consume hot food and beverages due to the shooting pain that accompanies it.

Dental Broken Tooth Repair

Common dental broken tooth repair services.

  • Dental crown

When a large piece of tooth breaks off exposing the root, this method is convenient. Our certified dentists will gently remove the remaining part of the tooth and replace it with a permanent crown that resembles and functions a natural tooth.

  • Dental Bonding

With the procedure often only taking 30 minutes, dental bonding is a low-risk option. Dental bonding, hence the name, bonds composite resin to your teeth. However, this option is best for small chips to the teeth.

Final considerations

While a broken tooth is worrying for those affected, it is possible to have a damaged or tooth fixed quickly. During a consultation, your dentist will present all the options available to you, and soon your mouth will return to good health.
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