Dental Braces Treatment

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Braces effectively correct misaligned teeth. They allow patients to have a healthy more attractive smile after receiving dental braces treatment. Bite correction is suitable for both children and adults, but it is important to understand what it initials before receiving treatment.

Dental Braces


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What Do Dental Braces Correct?

Dental braces correct irregular spaced or misaligned teeth, overcrowding, crooked teeth, and protruding teeth. When teeth are overcrowded or misaligned, cleaning becomes challenging, and gum disease, tooth decay, or tooth loss may occur.

Abnormal bite affects the patient’s ability to chew and speak as well as causes enamel damage from the unnatural usage. Additional jaw problems may take hold if a patient has protruding teeth or an overbite.

Dental braces treatment permanently treats the abovementioned conditions. Improving dental hygiene and boosting confidence.

What Causes Dental Misalignment?

Commonly a patient inherits overbite, crowding, poorly spaced teeth, and misalignment. Inheritance is not always the case though. In some patients, childhood issues like thumb-sucking, premature tooth loss, heavy breathing from the mouth resulting from allergies, large tonsils, and other conditions lead to the need for dental braces treatment.

Dental Braces during Youth

Dental braces treatment achieves ideal results when performed after a child has fully developed their adult teeth. Around the age of seven, dentists recommend taking children to an orthodontic evaluation to identify potential dental issues.

An orthodontist is typically able to achieve optimum results when the child is between the ages of eight and 14. This period is when the teeth and jaw are still malleable, decreasing treatment time.

Dental Braces Treatment

Dental Braces during Adulthood

Adults are still fully capable of receiving dental braces treatment even though their teeth and jaws are less malleable. Treatment time typically increases for adults, but the process remains almost the same as during childhood.

What are Braces?

Braces compose of brackets and arch wires, along with elastic ties holding the arch wires in place. These devices apply appropriate pressure to the teeth gently moving them into the correct position.

Throughout the process of dental braces treatment, your orthodontist periodically adjusts pressure to reach the desired results. Today’s braces are smaller and more comfortable than older models, and additional options like Invisalign are available to patients who prefer less noticeable treatment.

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