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Even after fixed braces or Invisalign treatment, teeth move slightly. After months or years of treatment, teeth can begin to drift back to their former misaligned position.

Dental bonded retainers are thin wires that are attached, through wire bonding, to the back of your upper and lower front teeth to prevent them from shifting. Unlike fixed retainers, you can’t forget to wear these.

Dental Bonded

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Who Needs Bonded Dental Retainers?

Bonded dental retainers are an excellent choice for patients who wish to retain the position of their teeth after orthodontic work. Because they are positioned behind your teeth, no one can see them, and you follow your usual oral hygiene regimen, paying close attention to your flossing technique.

What Should I know About Bonded Dental Retainers?

Typically, bonded dental retainers positioned on your upper teeth stay in place for up to three years, and a fixed retainer bonded to the lower teeth are usually more durable.
With any retainer, fixed or removable, excellent dental hygiene is vital. Non-removable dental bonded retainers mean you don’t take out the device; it’s permanently bonded to your teeth to keep them in place. A wire behind your teeth is a trap for food and bacteria, and for that reason, ensure you maintain a regular brushing and flossing routine.
Having your teeth cleaned professionally by a hygienist will ensure you’re keeping the bonded dental retainers as clean as possible.
Dental Bonded Retainers

Damaged Bonded Dental Retainers

A broken retainer is not always obvious, and so, we recommend regular dental check-ups. During a check-up, the orthodontist or your dentist can assess whether the wire is repairable or needs replacing.
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