Pain-Free Ceramic Porcelain Crown Placement
Are you searching for cosmetic dentistry professionals in the Farmington Hills, MI area? The dentists at Scott J Owens DDS Cosmetic & Family Dentistry offer an assortment of services to local patients – crown application included. Porcelain crowns are an affordable, painless way to recapture the strength and appearance of a damaged or stained tooth.

What are Ceramic Crowns?
Ceramic porcelain crowns are used to restore broken or discolored teeth to their original state. Essentially, crowns are caps that cover the surface of a tooth and protect it from further damage or staining. We often use them to secure bridges, or after we’ve completed root canal treatments to reinforce our Farmington Hills patients’ teeth. Crowns are tooth-colored, durable, and 100% customized – ensuring a long-lasting, comfortable solution.

How are Crowns Applied?
At Scott J Owens DDS Cosmetic & Family Dentistry, an experienced cosmetic dentist can have a crown fitted to your teeth in two visits. To complete the placement procedure, we’ll begin by creating a mold of your teeth. We’ll then fit you for a temporary crown while the dental lab finalizes the permanent crown based on your unique mold – which will be secured to your teeth about two weeks after your initial appointment.

Natural-Looking and Long-Lasting
One of the strongest advantages to crowns is the material they’re made from porcelain. Stain-resistant and smooth, porcelain is the ideal material for dental caps. When applied correctly, crowns crafted from porcelain look exactly like natural teeth and stand out for all of the right reasons. While porcelain is often regarded as a delicate material, dental crowns are tough and improve bite strength.

Have a Question?
Our professional, friendly staff is always happy to answer inquiries about porcelain crowns and other dental solutions. For more information on the placement process, call us at (248) 671-6689.

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