Cosmetic Dental Fillings

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Cosmetic dentistry has never been more convenient or straightforward. Cosmetic dental fillings can prevent cavities from developing further while keeping your smile healthy and natural looking. When plaque and bacteria gather on teeth, they can ruin the enamel, and this allows cavities to form. A filling is a quick and simple way to prevent further decay from occurring in the tooth or stop an infection from developing.


Cosmetic Dental Fillings

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Composite Fillings

Dr. Scott J. Owens DDS is a metal-free dentistry, which means we don’t use metal in any of our fillings. This means your filling will be made of white composite materials keeping your teeth natural looking instead of a typical amalgam filling which can be noticeable in the mouth.

Getting a composite filling instead of an amalgam filling is much less distinguishable to the casual observer. They will be matched as closely as possible to the colour of your teeth. A composite filling also bonds well to the tooth, and less drilling is involved which causes less overall damage to your teeth than an amalgam filling would. These fillings are durable and strong giving you a healthy looking smile.

Cosmetic Dental Fillings

Getting a Filling

It normally only takes one appointment to place a filling. This requires numbing the area using a local anesthetic, and then the dentist will use a drill to get rid of any decay on the tooth. The space remaining will be shaped, and the tooth is then prepared for the filling. The dentist will then fill the hole, and finally polish the tooth to ensure your filling looks natural.

Metal Filling Removal

As a metal-free dentistry, we also offer a removal service for silver and amalgam fillings to be replaced by more natural, white cosmetic dental fillings.

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