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Traditionally, dental fillings used amalgam (silver filling) to fill cavities and prevent further decay in teeth. But silver fillings can appear unsightly if placed near the front of the mouth.

Cosmetic Dental


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Cosmetic dental fillings are a great alternative to silver fillings. Cosmetic dental fillings are made from composite resin, a tooth-colored material, which consists of fine glass and plastic powder. Composite fillings look natural and blend in perfectly with your other teeth and your smile.

Getting a Composite Filling

When your dentist recognizes signs of decay on your tooth and can see that a cavity has formed, they will recommend a filling to prevent further damage.

The dental filling is used to return your tooth to good health by restoring its original structure and functionality without sacrificing the appearance of your smile.

Cosmetic dental fillings can also be used to aesthetically repair teeth that have experienced minor to moderate damage such as chipping or fracturing.

Composite Filling

A filling can be completed in one appointment. Dr. Owens carefully removes any decay and the damaged portion of the tooth before cleaning the tooth. He fills the tooth with the composite material and shapes it to match the shape of your tooth before hardening with UV light for a lasting restoration.

Replacing Fillings

We are a metal-free practice and can replace your silver fillings with tooth-colored cosmetic dental fillings so you can smile with confidence!

Why Choose Cosmetic Dental Fillings?

  • They are metal free, and there’s no sensitivity to hot or cold foods and beverages.
  • Cosmetic fillings bond directly to the tooth for added protection.
  • They are mercury free which is better for you and the environment.
  • The composite material mimics tooth enamel for an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

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