Bad Breath Treatment

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Bad breath or halitosis affects about 25% of the population on a regular basis but it is rather easy to treat. Most often caused by poor oral hygiene, your dentist can give you options for bad breath treatment that are straightforward to follow and will remedy the problem.


Bad Breath Treatment

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Diagnosing bad breath

Your dentist will smell your breath and scrape the back of the tongue to smell the scrapings and rate the scent on a six-point intensity scale. Other methods can be used, as well, and include a BANA test, halimeter, beta-galactosidase test, and gas chromatography. Using one or more of these techniques, your dentist will determine the source of your bad breath and design a treatment plan for you.


Treating halitosis

Practicing good oral hygiene daily alleviates most cases of bad breath. It will also reduce the likelihood of tooth decay and acquiring gum disease. Brushing your teeth, a minimum of twice every day with a toothpaste containing an antibacterial agent and flossing once a day can eliminate many problems. Carefully clean dentures each day, as well.

Brushing the tongue is an important part of good oral care. Remove bacterial and food build-up with your toothbrush or a tongue scraper.

Using a mouthwash with an antibacterial agent can also be beneficial. If you also have periodontal disease, your dentist will professionally clean your gums to remove the buildup of plaque and bacteria.

A dry mouth can lead to bad breath. Stay hydrated by drinking a lot of water rather than caffeinated or sugary drinks.

Spicy and sugary foods, as well as alcohol and coffee, can cause halitosis so avoid them if possible.

Individuals who have certain medical conditions may also be prone to bad breath. Tell your dentist your complete health history to help determine what is causing your halitosis.

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